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The company "Litwiński" was founded in 1985 and dealt with at the beginning of construction land.

The founder and owner is Peter Litwiński. Already in 1991, expanded its business by forwarding and international transport. For the past 20 years of business in the international freight forwarding and transportation worked out a solid company brand, for which the most important is customer satisfaction.

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We have at your disposal over 80 modern car kits, mainly Volvo.

Standard loading capacity of our trailers is 102 cubic meters (3.0 m height inside). We also sets with increased cargo capacity (up to 120 cubic meters).

Preferred directions of transport and forwarding 

Preferred directions of transport is the southern and western Europe (mainly Italy, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom). In 2003, we obtained the PN-EN ISO 9001:2001 in the field of freight forwarding and international transport and service. We have liability insurance carrier in the amount of 300 000 USD.

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A large number of sets We have more than 80 sets of Volvo sets


Personal service and repair We have our own service of tractors and trucks


Modern semi-Semi-trailers have a system augmentation the loading


permissions ADR Tabor entirely suitable for transporting hazardous materials


Always timely execution
We make every effort to the order was implemented on time